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Digital Dentistry

If you have specific dental concerns or require specialized treatments, Dr. Nobel and our team are here to address them.

What is it?

Digital dentistry requires no traditional film and bypasses the development process in favor of on-demand digital images and videos. Since it’s faster, easier, and more effective than traditional film X-rays and putty molds, digital dentistry translates into more effective diagnoses and treatments.
NOBEL DENTISTRY uses the most effective and scientifically proven digital dentistry innovations to give you the best results. With both digital X-rays and intraoral scanning, the team at Nobel Dental captures the highly detailed information they need almost instantly while you remain completely comfortable.

No More Uncomfortable "Goopy" Impressions

No More Uncomfortable "Goopy" Impressions

Intraoral Scanner

When you get digital impressions for bridges or other restorations, your Nobel dental specialist uses a
3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner
This high-tech, handheld device is positioned inside your mouth then moved gently around your upper and lower jaw in a precise pattern. It captures video images in only a few seconds eliminating the uncomfortable process of having your mouth filled with viscous, messy putty.
Digital Dentistry - Nobel Dentistry

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is safer than traditional radiography because it uses far less radiation. Your Nobel specialist can view the digital images and video right away because there is no need for photographic development. And, since film and processing chemicals are not needed digital X-rays have the advantage of being environmentally friendly
With such detailed measurements of your jaw and teeth, restorations fit more precisely because they’re fabricated using extremely detailed images. As a result, treatment planning for bridges, dental implants, and other necessary restorations becomes much simpler
Long-Term Archiving
Digital dentistry makesarchiving images simple yet readily available. Using your easily-accessible images, Nobel Dental can effortlessly compare your currentimages to past images to monitorchanges, evaluate the effectiveness of dental treatment, and recognizeemerging issues.
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