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Restorative Dentistry

When tooth problems such as decay, sudden damage or a missing tooth mar your smile, trust Dr. Nobel and our team with your restorative treatments.

Using the Highest Grade Materials Available

Our talented lab technicians ensure that your restoration will seamlessly integrate with your natural teeth. This life-like appearance will not only provide exceptional comfort and functionality, but will allow you to savor meals, communicate confidently, and share your cheerful smile without a second thought.


Composite restorations, commonly known as “fillings” are a fairly simple and painless dental procedure that helps patients regain tooth integrity and sustain good oral health.
Fillings - Nobel Dentistry


Crowns, sometimes called caps, are a bit thicker than veneers, covering the entire damaged or unstable tooth and are commonly used on molars (your back teeth.)


Bridges are tooth replacements composed of a replacement tooth and two crowns. The crowns fit on either side of the affected space allowing the replacement tooth to “bridge” the space.
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