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Periodontics is the dental speciality devoted to preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the guums, bones, and soft tissue that support your teeth.

Periodontics Disease

It’s possible to have gum (periodontal) disease and not realize it since you might not have pain or other symptoms that cause discomfort. Therefore, regular dental exams and cleanings, along with an effective at-home care regimen, are the best ways to prevent periodontal disease from getting worse and potentially leading to tooth loss.
Periodontal disease may present no noticeable symptoms until it becomes more advanced. If you don’t realize you have gum disease, it can advance rather quickly, and you may lose your permanent teeth
Periodontics - Nobel Dentistry

In the early states of periodontal disease

Dr. Nobel may recommend nonsurgical treatments such as scaling and root planing to remove plaque from the exposed root surfaces of your teeth.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed

for infection, and it maybe recommended a more comprehensive oral hygiene program be followed at home.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed

may be scheduled to keep your mouth healthy, especially if you’re at higher risk of periodontal problems.

Warning Signs You May Need Immediate Treatment

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